Alabama DHR Licensed and Rated

All AIM Academy locations are proudly licensed by the Child Care Services Division of the Alabama Department of Human Resources. As a licensed center, we must meet rigorous health and safety standards and are subject to periodic unannounced visits by state inspectors. Alabama is one of only six states that allows certain centers to operate with an exemption from regulation. For more information on the difference between licensed and exempt centers, visit In addition to meeting state licensing requirements, AIM Academy participates in Alabama’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). The rating system awards STAR levels to early childhood education programs that meet a set of defined, research-based program criteria. For our newly opened schools, the rating process will take approximately 12 months to receive your initial rating as we must compile detailed portfolios to document our implementation of the required standards and for the rating agency to conduct their observational assessments of our classrooms. For more information on QRIS, visit

Alabama DHR License & Rated
Safety & Security

Safety and Security

We fully understand our number one responsibility is the safety and security of students and teachers. In addition to our daily safety practices and checklists to ensure a safe environment, our facility is designed with a single secure point of entry, electronic door access control, and cameras located throughout the interior and exterior. Upon enrollment, each parent and individual listed as an authorized pick-up will receive a unique door access code to enter the facility. Any other visitors are required to visually identify themselves and the purpose of their visit before they are permitted to enter the building.

Flexible Enrollment Options

We recognize that the nature of work has changed as many parents have more flexible work arrangements. To support working parents, we offer a variety of flexible enrollment options. Depending on your needs, students can enroll full-time, which provides complete access to our facility during our regular operating hours for five days a week. In addition to full-time, we also offer part-time services for (i) two days per week, (ii) three days per week, or (iii) half days for five days a week. See the tuition rate schedule for pricing and restrictions for the AIM Academy location near you. 

Flexible Enrollment Options
Transparency & Communication

Transparency and Communication

We understand enrolling your child in any program requires faith and confidence in your chosen provider. Our team works extremely hard every day to earn and maintain the trust of our parents by providing you with valuable tools to stay connected to your child and their teachers in real-time. Through our parent communication app, our teachers provide timely updates throughout the day on important events and activities. You can even send and receive direct messages with your child’s teacher through the app if you have a question or need to share some information. If you prefer to SEE for yourself how your child is doing, you can observe your child’s classroom through our WatchMeGrow camera system. Each classroom is equipped with two high-resolution cameras accessible through any connected device. Certain restrictions apply.

Play-Based Curriculum

As the immortal Mr. Rogers said, “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” At AIM Academy, we fundamentally believe in the importance of play in the development of young children. Purposeful play is not only one of our core values but the primary basis for our curriculum and program. For more information on our play-based curriculum, Learning Beyond, click here 

Play Based Curriculum